Open Up the Window in the Palm of Yours Hands

No one can stop your efforts

An easy to learn window management app

Number Keypad

Intuitive operation comes natural to you

Visual Guidance

Distinct colors make you understand at a glance

Multi Screen

Supports cross-monitor without limitation


Grid~ It's much easier to differentiate source code and do code review. To track log from my servers and clients, its straightaway hotkeys allow me to shift console windows cross-screenly


Sometimes I need to compare one image with another to see look and feel. Grid is helpful. Feel comfortable when design layouts of books and magazines. It relieves my pain while working.

Home-style User

Um... Grid is convenient to me while I am livestreaming a game show. Move a game window in the center of screen. Meanwhile, open one Facebook page and one Youtube page. Fleetly resize and align them. Grid indeed save my time.

Modifier Key


Nice green circle

3x3 division of placement

Nice green circle

2x2 division of placement

Nice green circle

Expanding and Snapping

Nice green circle